NEW for 2021 - Training Center

Paradigm is excited to present Training Center in 2021 as an enhancement to your programs.

What can operators expect from the inclusion of Training Center?

  • Allows agency personnel unable to attend face-to-face meetings the opportunity for online training
  • The training session will provide the same state specific training as was delivered face-to-face
  • Documentation of user activity, training progress, and course completion

What can stakeholders expect from Training Center?

  • Online training available following the first face-to-face training for the state throughout non-attendee mailing
    • Training Center slide will be added at the close of the program for attendees to share with their agency peers
    • Available during this time period to emergency responders 24/7
  • Access for users to download
    • Meeting documents
    • County specific operator profiles for participating operators
  • Survey questions throughout the training session
    • Results provided in documentation
  • Ability to submit agency capabilities
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of the course
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